Efficient production

Effective work of the enterprise is possible in the presence of actual data. On the basis of reliable data, the enterprise management can make optimal, and most importantly, timely management decisions in real time using ERP of the OEBS system. OracleTeam has experience in introducing manufacturing processes using ERP of the OEBS system at the enterprises that manufacture finished products from paper posters to chemical sets.

OracleTeam is aware of the best business solutions in building a production process.

OEBS at the production enterprise:

  • operational accounting of all production stages;
  • integration of business processes with the external systems;
  • automated creation of specifications and process charts;
  • the informative workplace of the operator.

Should I trust OracleTeam?

OEBS for production is one of the most commonly used systems. Many production solutions have already been created and can be implemented as is at the production which allows to automate and optimize the production process. Working with specific manufacturing companies such as typography, office stationery shop, and assembling shop, OracleTeam succeeded in releasing a number of own modifications of the OEBS production processes that meet the needs of certain customers.