Accounting system in publishing

OracleTeam is a leading supplier of the program solutions and services using the ERP of the OEBS system for publishing and printing industry.

The project approach to maintaining the printed publication, accounting of employees, interaction with authors, accounting of payments and other aspects of publishing activity are implemented and successfully used in publishing houses of Ukraine, thanks to OracleTeam’s competent solution.

Implementation of ERP of the OEBS system allows our customers to:

  • improve resources planning;
  • automate the expenditure account by projects;
  • control budgeting by subdivisions and in a consolidated matter;
  • decrease operational costs.
  • control the financial flows at the enterprise.

OracleTeam provides an exceptional level of OEBS support to a wide range of publishers in Ukraine. We work with the publishing and printing industry in OEBS since 2013 and have a perfect understanding of business processes in this sector.

The competence of our consultants ensures that OracleTeam will be able to optimize your business processes and improve their performance, and your investments in OEBS will be effective.

OEBS for publishing.

We can provide the entire range of OEBS services, including:

  • OEBS implementation.
  • Display of the technological process in OEBS.
  • Migration between the OEBS versions.
  • OEBS user training.
  • OEBS support.

In partnership with Ranok, we have created a number of specialized, custom-configured OEBS solutions to meet the needs of the small and medium-sized companies in the design, sales, production and finance.

Why work with OracleTeam?

OracleTeam has an experience in a wide range of OEBS projects and is not limited to support functions, as opposed to a typical internal team. Unlike many large OEBS service companies, we build a system of customer requirements, but not the system capabilities.

Our key force is a small team that provides the best resources for our customers.