OracleTeam has individual OEBS-based solutions for the online stores, retail network and commercial showcases of the industrial enterprise in its arsenal for retail. Our applications for OEBS allow you to perform retail sales in off-line stores by phone and through the web-site. All transactions within the business process are displayed in OEBS based accounting system in real-time which allows refusing from update by schedule between different systems.

OEBS for retail:

  • creating the customer card while the operator accepts orders;
  • automatic creation of orders in OEBS from the online stores;
  • control of mutual settlements by the end buyer;
  • using messengers for orders.

Why is OracleTeam the best?

The OEBS retail application created by OracleTeam is used at retail outlets all over Ukraine. The main feature of the solution is that the application is created in accordance with the development specification under OEBS.

The application for the online store that operates in the call center mode has also been created according to the development specification under OEBS, which is an undoubted advantage over other analogs that require additional integration with the accounting system.