The “Salary” application for simplified entry of documents into the OEBS system.

This application was built to display several business processes related to employee payments in the OEBS. One of these business processes is the “Salary Roll” which is used for the mass creation of invoices for the employees’ salaries payment.

The form allows you to significantly reduce the time to enter invoices because one action can create documents for a significant number of employees. Accounts are created with the predefined parameters, which excludes possible errors.

Only managers have access to this form and a list of employees is defined for each of them.

Another equally important business process is the coordination and approval of project expenses. The head of the company can not only review the costs incurred by each subdivision to create each project for the period by tasks, executors, departments, but also approve all cost packages by using only one form.

The form of signing creditors invoices is intended for financially responsible persons, such as department heads and accountants. Using this form, they can sign (approve) creditors invoices which were entered into the system by their employees. The form allows to differentiate access to invoices, that is, department managers can sign invoices only for employees of their subdivision. You cannot pay without an invoice signature.

This form also provides for the possibility of adjusting the sum of the invoice with the corresponding comment at the moment of direct signing.